Wednesday, April 10, 2013

JS:ND has been added to Fashioncentric List of Stores!

As JS Naughty Designs once was part of Fashioncentric we felt at JS:ND we too needed to be part of their community.  We also think that if if you want to know some of the great places in SL you should too come see all that Fashioncentric has to offer.  So you can come by our store and click on the Fashioncentric Kiosk to see all the great stores they feature. While there give our new look and style a vote.  On the kiosk you will see you can vote up to 5 stars.  Leave a little comment in the drop down once you have voted should you wish too. 5 stars is preferred, but please be honest.  If it's anything less let Jane Serrao know and she will do her best to fix whatever the issue is.

LINK:  Fashioncentric

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