Tuesday, February 17, 2015

JS:ND New Release? Yes!

I know I'm not around much. RL dominated me for most of 2014. Doesn't look much better for 2015, but I will try and release stuff as I can.

With that being said...

First New Release of 2015, is a style I see more and more in RL. I tend to do it too... Mix and match while being very um... HIGH VISIBLE!

JS:ND Naughty Neon Cutoff's Includes:

*Fitted* Mesh Top (with Alpha)
Mesh Asix Neon Splash Sneakers (with Mismatched Low Cut/No Show Socks) (Unrigged)
Mesh Lace Thong Panties (with HUD) (2XS-L)
Mesh Jean Cutoff Shorts (with Optional Pockets and Butt Logo) (2XS-L)
Multiple Alpha's
Sneakers Notecard

JS:ND - Naughty Innocence 


Saturday, June 28, 2014

JS:ND Fashion Dept. NEW RELEASE!

Hey Sugar Bears...

This new release is just for YOU!  And any girls out there who appreciate CHEERLEADERS!

JS:ND Sugar Bear Addon Uniform includes:

JS:ND Voosh Home Sneakers W/Socks UnRigged (Standard Edit Menu MOD OK!)
JS:ND Voosh Home Sneakers UnRigged (Palen Resize Scripted)
JS:ND Voosh Sugar Bear Sneakers UnRigged (Palen Resize Scripted)
Multi-Phrase Cutie Shorts WITH HUD (2XS - L)
RVHS Logo Cheer Bra Top (2XS - L)
School Spirit Crop Top (2XS - L)
Many Alpha Layers to wear it the way you want!

JS:ND Naughty Innocence

*Portion of the proceeds go to RVHS for making all this possible AND FUN!
Special Thanks to RVHS Cheer Captain  Michele Sabetha (michele.cobalt) for all her dedication to helping me make this right!

Monday, June 2, 2014


Down on the bayou there are dark things that lurk there. Some are dark, evil and......  CUTE with a bit of naughty!

JS:ND Who Do Voodoo...

Hopefully YOU DO!

Outfit Includes:

Polka dot Under Tank Collar (2XS-L)
Polka dot Under Tank Body (2XS-L)
Voodoo Crop Top (2XS-L)
Voodoo Tier Skirt w/Peek-a-boo Polka dot Thong  (2XS-L)
Voosh Limited Edition Voodoo Sneakers (Unrigged)(ALL NEW Palen Resize Scripted)
Multiple Alpha Layers

JS:ND Naughty Innocence

Sunday, March 2, 2014

JS:ND Fashion Dpet - New Release

Oo  ahahaha oO

Baaaa  Naa Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


We all love those little Minions.  This PJ set allows you to show off your adoration for these little guys!

JS:ND Midnight Minion PJs

Outfit Includes:

Itty Bitty Minion Tank (2XS - L)
Itty Bitty Minion Tank HUD with 10 Color Options
Minion Capri Sweats (2XS - L)
Minion Butterfly Thong
Clogs with Minion Ankle Socks (Rigged/One Size)
Alpha Layers & Foot Shape

JS:ND (still) Perfectly Naughty

Saturday, November 30, 2013

JS:ND Maid To Be Naughty (New Release)

She cooks, she cleans, she polishes...  but she doesn't do any house work. This naughty little maid will put a shine on your knobs and never touch a rag...  She will even suck up the moisture out of your carpet...  but never touch a steam cleaner or vacuum.

JS:ND Maid To Be Naughty


Lace Frill Open Bra (Non Rigged)(Mod)
Crotchless Panties (Non Rigged)(Mod)
Lace Frill Headband (Non Rigged)(Mod)
Lace Frill Apron (XXS-L)
Pleated Ankel Boots (Non Rigged)(Resize Scripted)
Anal Beads (Non Scripted)(Sculpted)
Boots Shape and Alpha
Sizing instructions to fit you perfectly

JS:ND Perfectly Naughty (and clean)...

Model Credits for Jane Serrao:

Braces:   ![!TruStyle 'FullMetal Beejay'_Braces!]!
Skin:       * [SWEETHEART] Girl Next Door Skin by Danika - *ALL TONES* (Karob Kiss)
Shape:     Personal Shape by Lacy Easterling of Lacy's Doll Shapes
Hair:       eXxEsS Mesh Hair : KATIUSHA Blond Pack
Eyes:       PC eyes by LL - purple morning